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 For Parents’ Education

    We benefit from the accumulation of experts, competent academics in the field and non governmental institutions to offer you effective and accurate education. In order for the family to benefit the child, they should aim to gain information and awareness, understand child psychology and to be operative parenting. Throughout the program we purpose to inform you about these main points:

  • Advance parents’ comprehension about gifted education. Teach them as much as we can about giftedness.
  • Enhance their knowledge about how to cope with differences in her/his peers and how to provide healthy socialization to child.
  • Gain the ability to understand gifted child’s socioemotional development to consolidate communication.
  • Make parents aware of the negative consequences of wrong approaches of family members on children. Informing them about new definition of success and how to cope with low motivation, hence supporting them psychologically.
  • Involving parents in the child’s learning process and acquaint them with nurturing techniques for critical thinking and creativity.

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