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About CreativeMinds

We perform tests that scale the level of children’s physical, mobility, cognitive, social and emotional, language development areas. At symposiums we organize, we sincerely desire to raise the level of awareness and quality by bringing together families, educators and experts in their fields.

We supply educational packages designed by experts to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, scientific thinking. We support differentiated learning. We prefer different forms of learning and content that will keep children’s attention alive. Our approach is built on the awareness that children’s needs are unique. So we offer training materials in a wide range of fields which experts foresee such as science experiment sets, visual talent development, discovering the world etc..

If gifted children whose needs are not satisfied, the problem of behaviour may arise due to the frustration experienced. Thus, parents and teacher training should be planned before the education of gifted children begins.

Knowledge of Gifted Children

First of all, determining the wrong attitudes and knowledge of parents and teachers about gifted children, and gaining appropriate communication skills and ensuring cooperation between parents and teachers in these matters is also crucial in the education of gifted children. We offer efficient education certificate programs for teachers. It is of great importance to the future of the gifted child to be able to recognize that she/he has superior intelligence. Because the most productive period of child is early ages. For this reason, we provide special, certificated training for teachers.

Intelligence tests will contribute to making a prediction about your child, but each child is unique and specific. It is the duty of every parent to discover the child but parents with a gifted child might experience some difficulties to discover them. That’s why we offer special training for families to help with this exciting discovery.

By having the opportunity to follow your child’s mental development with scientific results, you can get the necessary favorable training support at an early age… We believe all children should be trained in a qualified and unique way. The only way we can achieve this is to get to know them closely, to identify their needs and to see ways of thinking. Therefore, we offer IQ tests that help you to do indicative planning. To see what your child is prone to, will give an idea about the right career choice in the future.

As Creative Minds, we aim to offer the necessary elements to meet children’s needs under one platform. It is a fact that educational systems in school are well suited to general intelligence. Personalizing education is an important responsibility of the parents. We believe education to be sustainable and inclusive for all children. We will be with children and parents in all processes from diagnosis to nurturing by means of scientific methods and people. Remember that intelligence requires physical exercise and can be improved. We can also train our thoughts like our bodies.

For gifted children;

Gifted and talented children who have potential to make significant contributions to the world must be supported by the whole community. In particular, to ensure that they are noticed, It is important to have a guide of capability to think and learn of your child. We are aware that early discovery of child’s giftedness is vital to his/her future life. Consequently, we provide IQ test for them which they can easily reach and have a detailed analysis results. For gifted child staying out of this educational system is possible. In order to exceed barriers and create equal opportunities, we prepare training and books prepared by appropriate specialists for these children and also, we care about their parents and teachers. Our main goal is advancing comprehension of people around them about giftedness from all aspects such as their psychology, healthy socialization, socioemotional development.

Our principal missions are;

 Specify the level of the student through ıq tests In order to provide them with appropriate training opportunities.

–    Organize conferences that convey new technologies and methodologies, to enhance awareness and knowledge of teachers, parents, and experts. We attach importance to academic progress and support the follow-up.

–    Discover their needs via IQ test results and offer solutions to meet them such as teaching material, software to nurture them which provide to keep their curiosity alive

–    Gifted child education also requires family and teacher education. We provide environmental and parental support through parent and teacher training.  Lead them through the results of the IQ test which is the first step of creating a favorable environment for their future life.

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