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1. Get in contact for corporate sales

In order to purchase IQ tests for your school and get your School Intelligence Map, please contact our corporate sales team via

Please give as many details in your email including total number of students who will be taken the test.

Get in contact

2. Procurement

Our corporate sales team will answer your enquiry as soon as possible. After reviewing the proposal, please get back to us with the approval so that we can process your request and open your corporate account.

Please ask to your corporate sales representative about any questions and what will be deliverables for the project.


3. Payment

After both sides have approved the project specs and the agreement has been signed, you would need to pay for the service. Please let your corporate sales representative how would you like to handle the money transfer.

Usually corporate credit or debit cards will be the fastest and easiest option. Also we can offer a swift / wire transfer or other bank transfer options, too. Please contact your corporate sales representative for details.


4. Solve the IQ Test

After successfully completing the payment process, your students can access IQ tests via our website. To enter your management dashboard please go to and login with the credentials that your corporate sales representative gave you.

Congratulations! You have completed your corporate registration and ready to take IQ tests for your school. You can view aggregate reports and detailed analytics through your management dashboard at

Management Dashboard

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